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Hand spun and hand dyed yarns.

Cozy and Craft is inspired by the entrancing beauty of hand spun yarn and all the endless possibilities it presents. We offer hand dyed yarns that are dyed-to-order.

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After over a decade of knitting, felting, embroidery, and several fiber arts festivals full of inspiration, I decided to try spinning in the fall of 2022. Once I started I just could not stop spinning yarn and quickly realized how much I loved what I was producing, too much to keep it all to myself. After showing my friends and family what I had made and with their encouragement, excitement, and support, Cozy and Craft was born in January of 2023. Spinning yarn led to dying roving and yarn, and now here we are. I look forward to seeing what this journey will become and what we can all create together. -Brittany

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Rotterdam, Schenectady County 12306

(904) 252-6995

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